About Us

Our Story

HIG was founded in 2019 by Arvelle Balon-Lyon and Eileen Patterson to accelerate community-based healthcare transformation. Priority aims are achieved by engaging organizational decision-makers, physicians, interdisciplinary teams, practice facilitators and patients to optimize patient care delivery through the implementation of practical, high-impact changes aligned to the Patient’s Medical Home (PMH). As innovators and leaders in health system design HIG utilizes proven evidence-based methods combined with practical and engaging approaches to accelerate change.

Our Strengths

We have successfully guided the design and implementation of change improvements to scale at the patient, physician, clinic team, organization, and provincial and national levels of healthcare delivery, including:

  • Building organizational capacity for continuous quality improvement toward patients medical home models such as Person Health Care Home
  • Building change leader capacity to support primary and specialty practice teams implementing high impact changes for integrated care delivery
  • Supporting interdisciplinary primary care practice teams implementing change ideas in various circumstances and settings using local and collaborative learning approaches
  • Experience-based co-design for patient partnered care delivery
  • Practical approaches to integrated care management using evidence-based tools, resources, and scheduling for screening, complex care (including addictions and mental health), and the interdisciplinary care planning process

Our Experience

HIG has worked with federal organizations, provincial medical associations, correctional services, practice groups, practice facilitators and change leaders to:

  • Drive improved patient outcomes through the elements of the Patient’s Medical Home
  • Shift primary care services from acute and episodic care to planned and proactive care delivery
  • Implement a systematic approach for screening and chronic care, including addictions and mental health.
  • Enable rapid adoption of continuous quality improvement across diverse sites using site-specific and collaborative learning approaches.

HIG Leaders are Trusted Leaders and Advisors of Health System Transformation

Each HIG team member is individually recognized as a leader in performance improvement and health system transformation and have led transformation in every province and internationally.

  • Primary healthcare renewal including system integration, capacity building, blended capitation and alternate relationship models, provincially integrated program supports
  • Patient’s Medical Home Access, continuity, efficiency and flow, panel management, patient-centred interactions, patient self-management, transitions and care coordination and faculty for international collaboratives
  • Teams and Teamwork faculty for international Teams and Teamwork collaboratives
  • Quality Improvement Collaboratives Vermont Oxford Network, Global Quality Improvement NICQ, Residents First - QI in long-term care
  • The Case for Practice Facilitation Within Primary Care: A Primer and Advocacy Guide with The College of Family Physicians of Canada

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