Optimizing Your Practice: Enhanced Programs


HIG’s practice optimization programs introduce one to two high-impact changes to test and apply within your practice. The sessions will allow you and your team to select and focus on a specific area where you can readily implement practice improvements. You will experience an interactive learning community through facilitated discussions and peer-to-peer interactions about implementation successes and barriers. Content leaders and peers will provide input to build success for the local practice context.

Format: Three sessions, each 2.5 hours

Program Supports:

  • Advice and guidance from experienced practice facilitators
  • Expert consultations
  • Practical tools to guide implementation within your practice
  • Recorded sessions to reference while implementing changes in your practice
  • Workbooks and worksheets

Building the Foundations of Access and Continuity

Find a sustainable solution to improving access and continuity of care for your patients. This program covers three of the nine of nine high-impact changes: build a culture of quality improvement; know your patient panel and access and continuity.

Patient Panel Management: Meeting Care Needs Systematically

Reduce your worry about missing important care needs such as patients with complex social needs, chronic disease, and routine preventative care. Learn how to implement a systematic approach to managing patient care over time. Proactive panel management is a high-impact primary care change which highlights the value of creating defined panel lists and organizing care for panel segments.

Getting you Home on Time: Enhancing Office Flow and Teamwork

Gain time back in your day by learning how to enhance your office flow and teamwork to meet the comprehensive needs of your patients while getting physicians and staff home on time. This program covers two of nine high-impact primary care changes that help physicians and teams gain an understanding of their work capacity. This program explores strategies to optimize teamwork supply, the patient schedule, and the environment for both in-person and virtual care appointments.

Upcoming course dates There are currently multiple sessions in progress.

If you are interested in joining an existing or new cohort, please reach out to us at: improve@healthinnovationgroup.ca

For further information, corporate training (onsite or virtual) or information on provincial subsidies, contact: Alexandra at improve@healthinnovationgroup.ca

If a group request is received, HIG can arrange French language support or interpretation

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