Provincial and National Healthcare Organizations

Building a culture of quality improvement starts with a clear vision, aligning leadership for transformation, and having a customized organizational plan for change.

HIG has the experience and expertise to support national and provincial health ministries, medical associations, health authorities, primary care networks, specialty care groups, long term care, community services, and correctional services to design tailored plans for change.

Organizations will acquire:

  • an organizational plan that promotes evidence-based practices to improve patient health outcomes, better patient and provider experience, and better system value.
  • dynamic strategies to build capacity in physician champions and practice facilitators who support frontline teams to implement improvements.
  • tested approaches designed to spread and scale sustainable improvements.
  • practical methods, tools, and resources to engage frontline, interdisciplinary teams and build their ‘quality improvement muscle’ for change.
  • high-impact changes that advance transformation through application.

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