Practice Facilitators and QI Coaches

Practice facilitation is an essential resource that supports physicians and teams to implement improvements within their practice environments. Practice facilitators establish long-term relationships in clinical practices, becoming a resource for ongoing quality improvement (QI) and evidence translation..

HIG offers practice facilitator training, mentorship, and a connection to a global network of practice facilitators.

Our program will advance your skills and competencies in:

  • quality improvement methods, tools, and resources suited for community practices.
  • understanding the high-impact changes that support primary care and specialty care practices to optimize patient care delivery.
  • facilitating practice change grounded in the art and science of improvement.
  • rapidly responding and supporting innovative and practical change within practices.
  • delivering tools and resources that make a sustainable impact within practices.
  • implementing a set of high impact facilitation approaches to make you stand out as a practice facilitator.

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