Arvelle Balon-Lyon, RN, BN

Co-Founder & Director

image of Arvelle Balon-Lyon, RN, BN

Arvelle’s knowledge and passion for quality improvement and redesigning the delivery of health care to enhance patient outcomes began early in her nursing career. It has cumulated into over 25 years of designing, developing, and implementing evidence-based health care improvement efforts. As a servant leader, Arvelle advocates for a strong primary health system to be the focus of care delivery. Arvelle has been a leader in the development and delivery of: quality improvement collaboratives that has engaged hundreds of primary and specialty care physicians and teams in improving access, continuity and office flow within their community practices, and in the development of new approaches to support individuals and families impacted by chronic diseases. As part of an international faculty of quality leaders with the Vermont Oxford Network, Arvelle has supported NICU teams in improving the delivery of care for micropreemie infants. In 2016, Arvelle was a recipient of the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta Centennial Award, and in 2017 was recognized as part of the 150 Nurses who are pioneers of health innovation in Canada and around the world.

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